Bags – in addition to their packing function – they have also become a great advertising carrier thanks to their printable surface.

Over last few years, flexographic print has passed through important quality development providing, in addition to the application of deep printing, a viable and affordable alternative in the use of packaging materials decorated with bright shiny colours.

In the case of multi-layer bags, print can be positioned between the individual film layers, which prevents from colour abrasion. In such a case, one layer is printed with a mirror print and the printed film is then sealed (laminated) with other components of the material structure.

Bags can be printed with 1 Р8 colours. In the case of simpler prints, we use analogue prints, whereas in the case of photograph-quality graphics, we use mainly high-quality digital forms of print (clich̩).


– Bags for pillow packs

– Bags with a side fold

– Bags with a bottom fold

– Reclosable bags (easily closable after opening)

Depending on the load, side seals of the bags can be made by cut-sealing or by a stronger wide seal.

RECLOSABLE BAGS – (polyethylene or multilayer) self-closing plastic bags

Basic material: soft 40 – 100 micron thick polyethylene or multi-layer shading film retaining fragrance

Print possibilities: flexographic print with 1 – 4 colours

Where necessary, the reclosable bags can be made with:

  • MARKING LINE (red, green, blue, white or black).